Charge Ninja was born in 2020 with idea of offering charing solutions for electric vehicles for every purpose. Co-founder Mohamed Mukri had bought an electri vehicle, but couldn't find the right charger among the charing solutions already on the market.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range of charging options, from powerful 22kW commercial chargers to convenient home units and mobiel chargers with various adapters, all at competitive prices and readity available.

We understand your needs, offering solutions for every situation:

  • Garage with no Wi-Fi? Our 11kW wall boxes have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Limited installation options? Our Schuko charger lets you charge at 3.6kW with a standard outlet.
  • Frequent traveler? Our flexible mobile charger comes with 6 adapters for maximum versatility.

Join Charge Ninja on our journey towards a sustainable future and experience the joy of e-mobility today.


At Charge Ninja, we're passionate about empowering a sustainable future through innovative solar and EV charging solutions. We go beyond being just a company - we're your trusted partner in shaping a greener tomorrow.

Our global reach spans from China's bustling hubs to Germany's cutting-edge landscapes, the UK's vibrant communities, and Dubai's dynamic cityscapes. This extensive network allows us to serve diverse clientele with cultural sensitivity and regional expertise.

  • Global reach, local impact: We customize solutions to your specific needs, anywhere in the world.
  • Unwavering quality: Our rigorous standards ensure reliable products, every time.
  • Complete energy solutions: From solar panels to EV chargers, we offer everything you need.
  • Decicated support: We're with you, from start to finish.
  • Sustainable innovation: We invest in the future, offering solutions ready for tomorrow.


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Chargers Provided


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