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Who we are?

Chargeninja was born in 2020 from the idea of offering charging solutions for electric vehicles for every purpose. Co-founder Mohammed Mukri bought an electric vehicle but couldn't find the right charging solution on the market. Either too weak, or overpriced, or just not available. He used the contacts he had collected over many years at Kinara International and started looking for the right products and found them.

Wallboxen - KfW subsidised

We have had wall boxes on offer since day one - subsidised by KfW, of course. Two models are currently available, the Advance Ninja and the Master Ninja. The special feature of the Master Ninja is that it can also charge with 22Kw and MID electricity meter, so it is also very interesting for companies in the KfW subsidy 441.

Charging on the go

Whether mobile charger or charging cable, Charge Ninja has the right offer here too. We offer charging solutions for the household socket as well as for on the go, with all imaginable adapters.

Just need a charging cable? No problem, we can also take care of you here.

Why Charge Ninja?

Charge Ninja is the child of Kinara International. Kinara International has been an integral part of the sourcing world for over 10 years and is distributed across the globe. We only supply top quality products, whether it's a parcel or a whole container, we're here to help. Through our contacts directly with the manufacturers, we can combine fair prices with the best quality.

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