We are Charge ninja

Charge Ninja was born in 2020 with the idea of ​​offering charging solutions for electric vehicles for every purpose. Co-founder Mohamed Mukri had bought an electric vehicle, but couldn't find the right charger among the charging solutions already on the market.

Either too weak, overpriced or simply not available. He used the contacts he had collected over many years at Kinara International and started looking for the right products and found them.

Whether for commercial charging with 22KW, boxes subsidized for charging at home with 7KW/11KW or mobile chargers for charging in the garage with a simple plug or complex mobile chargers with adapters for flexibility when traveling (charging with Schuko, CEE , etc.), we now have everything on offer, at fair prices and with quick availability.

We are there to offer charging solutions, for each individual case.

No WiFi in the garage? Our 11KW wall boxes have Bluetooth.

No way to install a wall box in the garage? With our Schuko charger you charge with 3.6KW at the household socket

Traveling a lot? The flexible mobile charger comes with 6 adapters so that you are as flexible as possible.

Join us on the exciting journey into e-mobility, fully enjoy the technology of tomorrow today.